We Have 669 Units with 8 Different Sizes Available

We’ve listed the different size units at Greengate Self Storage.  To help you decide what size you might need, here’s a description of each to help you visualize it.


Small Closet Size
Office supplies, clothing, small number of file boxes, holiday decorations, grandma’s heirlooms, record storage, books and seasonal items.

5x 10 x 9
Closet Size
Small business inventory, medical records, legal records accounting records, insurance records, jet skis, seasonal yard equipment, childhood memorabilia. Ideal for college students, boxes, books etc. 1 small room of furniture or a motorcycle.

5 X 15 X 9
2 Small Rooms
2 rooms of furniture, bicycle or motorcycle, lawn mowers or small tractor and boxes.

10 X 10 X 9
One Bedroom Apartment
Refrigerator, washer, dryer, 2 -3 small room of furniture and boxes.

10 X 15 X 9
Two Bedroom Apartment
4 -5 small rooms of furniture and boxes, appliances, office furniture or a small compact car.

10 X 20 X 9
1 Car Garage Size
3 bedroom apartment or 2 bedroom home, 6 -7 rooms of furniture and boxes, truck or car storage, contractor inventories.

10 X 25 X 9
1 Car Garage Size
8 – 9 rooms of furniture, car storage, truck, boat, equipment-commercial inventory.

10 X 30 X 9
Up to 10 Rooms
Car storage, truck, boat, equipment – commercial inventory.

***Absolutely no TRACTOR TRAILER TRUCKS of any kind permitted in Facility***