Rules and Regulations with Suggestions for Satisfactory Storage

To make your use of our space a smooth and pleasant experience, we have some rules to live by. If everybody abides, our service will be super, your goods will be stored better, and you’ll be happier using this self-storage center.

  1. Your rent is due each month on or before the date stated. A Late Charge will be imposed if the rent is later than five (5) days. On the 6th late day, access will be denied to the facility, and your unit will be over locked.
  2. You may move out of your space whenever you want. Please refer to your Lease Agreement for the allowed procedure of advance notice to avoid automatically contracting for an additional month’s rent. In order that your deposit may be returned, you must submit the Notice of Intent to Vacate form in your move in packet to the facility ten (10) days prior to your rent date.
  3. No assigning or subleasing unit by occupant.
  4. Sorry, but you just cannot store the things we have listed because of the obvious reasons. Here are the No-No’s (The right is reserved to inspect all goods upon entry to premises.)
    • Anything that is stolen. Premises may not be used for any unlawful purpose
    • No explosives, ammunition or dangerous chemicals.
    • No inflammables, paint or oily rags. Gas tanks on cars, gas engines, etc. must be 1/2 FULL OR MORE per the Hempfield Township Fire Inspector before storing in covered units. Also batteries should be disconnected in the event of an electrical problem. No used tires.
    • No improperly packaged spoilable foods.
    • Anything that is alive and eating.
    • Anything that leaks or makes loud noise.
    • No sleeping will be allowed in unit.
    • No refrigerators or freezers are to be connected to service outlets.
    • No type of electric heater or heat lamp is to be used in units without prior permission.
    • No sanding or painting, reconditioning, fixing, or repairing to be done within the unit or facility.
    • No signs of any kind shall be posted on the leased premises.
    • No sales out of units and only one lock per unit.
    • No hazardous chemicals or waste, no 55 gallon drums.


We are by contract and by law not responsible for any loss or pilferage from your occupied space. We recommend insurance to cover the value of your goods. Our Manager can tell you how to insure.