Safety Tips and Helpful Suggestions for Storing a Car

  • Always have the gas tank 1/2 full or more before the car is placed in Storage. The reason is that there are more volatile vapors on a near empty tank of gas and to prevent condensation inside the gas tank.
  • We strongly suggest you lay cardboard or plastic on the floor to catch any fluid drips that could mark up the concrete floor. Remember that you are responsible for keeping your leased space clean and free from damage.
  • If possible, let your car cool down a bit before placing in the Storage Unit. This may alert you to any malfunctions your car may have. For example, electrical shorts, oil and/or fluid leaks, low tire pressure, etc.
  • It is required to back your car into the Storage Space. Because if your battery goes dead and you need to jump start the engine compartment will be easier to get to.
  • If you plan to store your car for several months, it is a good idea to periodically start up the car and warm it up. This will recharge the battery to some extent. NEVER LET YOUR CAR IDLE INSIDE THE STORAGE SPACE. Pull the car out into the driveway without blocking the driveways.
Store your car safely at Greengate Self Storage